Falcon 10W Module wrong cable order


I just bought the 10W engraver module, upgraded it to the latest firmware version and mounted it on my CR-10.

The wiring of both X and Y connectors were in the wrong . When homing, the engraved moved away from the kill-switches. I fixed this by flipping the pins in the connectors. Now homing is fine.

But LightBurn doesn’t work. It connects to the laser and the firmware version is shown on the console but nothing happens when I try to do something.

Any idea? Perhaps the connector going to the laser is also flipped and causing the issue? How can I check this?

Thank you for any help!

So it does not even home in LightBurn? If the version shows you have a serial connection, then it should also do the other commands. Can you read the settings with $$ in the console?