Falcon 10W reset while cutting

Hi, I’m a new owner of the Falcon 10W engraver.
I tried a couple of time to cut the eagle file that came in the TF card but, the laser reset after a short time while cutting. Never at the same place.
I’ve tried to format the card and install the latest firmware in the controller.
I can run the full G-code at 5% laser power but when I try at 100%, it reset randomly while cutting.
Is there something bad with the laser unit?

Hello Ref85,
It seems I have the same issue. Even when using G-code files that worked fine before, the machine stops, shortly after the laser starts engraving, mostly after a few seconds already…

I hope you have found a solution, since you posted this. So I really hope somebody in this forum can help.


btw, also in my case: with a low power it doesn’t stop.

Hi Edje,
The Creality support was verry fast to point out that the problem is the powersupply.
They send me a new one and the problem was solved.
Wille I was waiting for the power supply from Creality (a couplke of week), I was in a hurry for a project so I bough one with the same spec from amazon for about 15$ and it worked well.

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Hello Ref85,

Thank You for your assistance. I mailed creality and you was right. They asked for a video and they also thought that there was a problem with the power supply.

Thank you very, very much.

Regard’s Edje

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