Falcon 2 12w poor performance

Have had a Falcon 2 12w for nearly 5 months, after the first 2 months the laser’s performance massively reduced. Currently the laser will not cut through 3mm basswood on 100% power and 100mm/m speed. I’ve conducted all fault finding and have had experienced diode laser users provide guidance, but it clearly is the machine that has failed.

I have been “in contact” with Creality since the problem started trying to get a solution or exchange of machine under warranty. When they finally reply they ask me to perform the same tests over again despite providing videos and photo evidence of the machines poor performance. Basically avoiding their own warranty policy.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with Creality support, if so how did you get a resolution?

Hi Noel_K.

Really sorry for you to hear this.
I can’t say much on Creality support as I have been lucky enough to never need their help…

This being said - I’m sure you went through this, but have you checked the lens? I see this being one of the biggest issue with slowly degraded laser engravers.
Cleaning the lens with IPA could possibly help.
I don’t know what’s “underneath” the lens, but it might be worth trying to clean that too with a Q-Tips and IPA. Of course, all safety measures are necessary (unplug the device, etc…). And use 99% IPA, not the 70% you can get everywhere which leaves some residue behind.

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Hi Zolt,

Thanks for the reply.

I had previously cleaned the lens with IPA thinking that would help, still didn’t fix the issue.

I think the laser module is just faulty and needs to be replaced.

I’ve managed to get a resolution with Creality which is good so hopefully the replacement machine works correctly :crossed_fingers:t3:


Oh good!
Really happy to hear that!

One note. I’ve read (or saw on a video) that you are better to run your laser slower at a lower power, than running it full power at full speed.
The key here is not the speed but rather the power used. Running your laser at 100% power will deteriorate it faster.
Now…is this true? I don’t know, but I think it kind of makes sense.