Falcon 2 22W minimum engraving/cutting line width

Hi there,

We have a Falcon 2 22W but struggling to work out what the minimum recommended line width we should use for both engraving and cutting in order for us not to lose quality on ply thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 12mm.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks

Hi davidpp.
From my reading, the “spot” size of the 22w should be 0.1mm.
There is a setting called “kerf offset settings” in LightBurn that allows you to take that into consideration when cutting multiple pieces like when doing inlays.
For example, you’d cut the inside portion of your inlay normally, and the outer part with that “kerf offset settings” set.
Here is a page that gives more details : Easy inlays with Lightburn and laser - Community Laser Talk - LightBurn Software Forum
Let me know if this answers your questions.

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You can read about the “Kerf offset” settings in Lightburn at Line Mode - LightBurn Software Documentation

This is set in the Line Settings Editor in Lightburn by double-clicking on a “Line” mode layer in the Cuts / Layers panel.

Zolt, thanks for the link to that inlay article. Haven’t tried inlays yet but I see that coming up at some point in my future. :smiley:

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Although that article about inlays is a great example, I don’t like how much burning it requires plus band-saw cutting. But, there is something for everyone and it does give great info like LB settings and techniques.
Defenitely a great article - I agree!
But make sure you also take a look at other articles/videos that show different ways of doing the same, with various methods.
…just do a Google search for “laser cutting inlay:slight_smile:

I haven’t tried any of these yet myself, but it’s getting close to in my todo list :smiley:

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