Falcon 2 22w Triple Monitoring Systems led disabled

hello I am new to the world of laser engraving

I received a falcon 2 22w a few days ago

It has always worked well but since the beginningI have not seen the LEDs light up on the laser head

I would like to know if there is a way to test/turn them on to check if my laser is defective

I use it with lightburn software I installed it with the file in the USB key provided with it and I updated the laser and the machine

I honestly have not clue or tips for you.
If they never turned on, I’d believe it’s a defective unit.

You said you updated the laser and the machine. That was a firmware upgrade?
if yes, during the firmware upgrade you should have seen some lights flashing/cycling on the front of the laser unit. Did you see that during the firmware upgrade or they all stayed off?

hello thank you for your answer
no during the update none of the three lights are on I only have the small blue light at the top of the laser head which lights up when the laser is turned on


Definitely a defective unit.
Since these lights are important, you should probably ask for a replacement unit.

Good luck, and let us know how it went, specially what type of answer you got back from them. …and if they ask you to open the unit to do any type of troubleshooting, don’t accept that…unless you are an electronic specialist :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help after unplugging and replacing all the power cables the laser works perfectly with all the lights on
I had incorrectly connected the laser head cable
sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks for the help from the Creality community

Hey! No troubles at all!
The important thing is that it now works :slight_smile: