Falcon 2 40W Speed Problem

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the speed with the laser, according to the manual, it is 25,000 mm/min but in reality it does not exceed 8,000 mm/min Could someone help me?
I use lightburn as a software

Yeah…This is what is advertised, but I don’t think anybody was able to achieve this speed.
In any case, I think (at least with my 22w) a speed of 25k mm/min would only be good for cutting paper.
I’ve never went over 9k for speed, either for cutting or for engraving.

I saw someone testing the Falcon 2 22w doing speed test, but unfortunately I can’t find the video. He would engrave multiple (5) large squares (shifting them a bit) to have accurate measurement and he wasn’t able to even reach 20k mm/min if I remember correctly.

For me, it doesn’t really matters - I’m used to the huge length of time when 3d Printing, so I find cutting/engraving blasting fast even at lower speeds.

I’ve just been looking at this myself. Noticed that speeds over 8k mm/min made no difference to the preview time.

Found a post that led me to Tools - Device Settings - Additional Settings. When hitting “Read from Controller” the max X and Y speeds were 133.3 mm/s (7998 mm/min) which explains it.

My assumption is that if you update the max speeds in Tools - Machine Settings then you can get higher speeds. I have done no testing on this yet but it is my next port of call (when the job I am running is done). I am hoping that I can increase the speed and power to get noticeably faster engravings.

If I remember I will post back here with my results in case it helps others.

Sounds good!
Yes, please post back - I’m interested in your findings :smiley: