Falcon 2 Firmware Update v3.0.5

Just a heads up that there was a new firmware release around Jan 5 2024 for version 3.0.5 in case you missed it like I did.

It is available for download on the Falcon 2 Product Firmware page.

Thanks @Wet.Coast for remindins me :slight_smile:
I’ve seen the announcement during the Holidays, but forgot to dig further to see the changes/fixes and decide if I do the upgrade.
I’ll head there at lunch time and check the change log.

Release notes for v3.0.5 are vague at best. The only note is:

* Optimize communication between devices.

whatever that means. :confused:

I missed the v3.0.4 firmware update too though. It came out just after I’d received my Falcon 2 and did the v3.0.3 update. That update is probably more important for me so I need to get on this.