Falcon 2 limit switches - replacement availability and carriage interaction?

I bought a used Falcon2 12W locally, and I’ve got a couple of problems with the X axis.

First off, one of the limit switches is broken - how can I get a replacement switch?

Second, it seems like there’s something wrong with the “finger” on the laser carriage that’s meant to engage the limit switches. It doesn’t make contact with the non-broken limit switch, so I’m wondering if it’s bent or something. Unfortunately I have nothing to compare it to.

See pics.


Second pic

Hi Keith.
I have a Falcon 2 22w and I just checked to see how mine is.
Your second photo seems to show the little “finger” being bent.
Mine is realy at a 90 degree angle to the carriage, which makes sure it triggers the switch.
As for the switch themselves, I’d suggest contacting Creality - I’m sure they do have these available for purchase. Another solution is to do a search on Amazon for “creality falcon limit switch”. Unscrew your broken switch so you can accurately compare with the pictures to ensure they are similar. You could also ask the vendor for compatibility. The ones I found on Amazon (Canada) are from Creality and are sold for ~15$ for a pack of 3. They should be the same as for 3D printers I think.

Let us know if you were able to un-bend the “finger” under the carriage, and if you found the right switches.

Welcome to the world of Laser cutting/engraving! Enjoy your stay :smiley:


As you mentioned, I was able to find limit switches pretty easily, so those are on their way.

I was able to bend the bracket under the carriage, but it’s brittle and feels veeeery close to snapping now. It’d be nice to be able to get a replacement, but thus far it’s been hard to get Creality support to understand which part I want.

Could you maybe cut a piece of wood/plastic (or 3D print one) you could glue to the “finger” to give it the right angle? It shouldn’t matter as it doesn’t prevent the carriage from moving freely, and it might help not break the “finger”…just a DYI idea :smiley:

Creality support just confirmed that they cannot get me this part, so I’ll definitely be trying something like you suggest, Zolt!

Sad - sad - sad.
I thought Creality could have spare parts to be sold for these type of cases.
Good luck - let us know how it turned out!

Yeah it’s really too bad. Let it be a warning to others, I guess.

If I come up with anything clever, I’ll be sure to share it here!