Falcon 2 Pro, is it possible to cut ~80 x 40cm like this?

I need to cut 80 x 40 cm 5mm MDF or plywood.
Can I do that on Falcon 2 Pro as I drew in this photo?

It would be easy to print plastic a vice-like fixture in the rear of the laser cutter, which would always accept plywood pieces in the same spot so that the laser could be precise in 0.25mm.

Thanks for any opinion.


You can remove the drawer but then you have to bridge the magnet switch on the front left. If you want to cut over the whole 80cm, turning it and aligning it could work especially with the built in light burn camera, but not sure if you get to 0.25mm precision that way. Just with the physical, printed fixtures, when turning it the board would have a consistent size within the 0.25mm tolerance to get it aligned reliably.

You can write a suggestion here that you want a conveyor to be added to the Falcon: User's Voice - Creality

Thank you very much. Yes, I have K1 Max 3D printer from Creality, I could easily print some fixtures, I’m just curious is it work surface high enough or do I have to remove that “reinforcement - beam” in the front of the printer…