Falcon 22w not cutting through 1/4” ply

I have a Falcon 22watt. I am having trouble cutting through 1/4 sanded pine plywood. I am running 2 passes at 10mm/s and 100% power. I have tried setting the laser using the guide at the 3-6mm height and at the >6mm height of the gage. Cannot cut through - what might I be doing wrong? BTW - this is Home Depot ply.

Is the air assist on with full power?
What software are you using? It happens sometimes that the S-Value in LaserGRBL is confused with percentages, and instead of running at 100% it’s running at S100 of S1000 which is 10%. If you are using LightBurn, did you import the config file for the Falcon 2?

Thank you for the reply.

I’m using air assist with full power.
I’m using LightBurn. I installed the file from the TF card that came with the machine.

I think that part of my problem is that the cheap plywood I’m using isn’t perfectly flat. I’m cutting full 400mm X 400mm pieces.

I also notice that the more I cut, and the hotter the machine gets, the worse the cuts come out.

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

You want to set it to mm/min. 10mm/s is 600mm/min. That’s about the speed for 3mm, even a bit fast, I usually run 3mm wood at 500mm/min with 22W.

Thank you - I’ll try going slower - I’m learning - thanks again