Falcon laser module control panel DOA?

Hello everybody!

I just recently got a Falcon 5W laser module and control panel, but it appears to be DOA and I can find nothing on Creality’s website that’s specific to this model, so I don’t even know if what I’m trying will work.

When I connected everything up, the control panel will slowly flash its light (“breathing” pattern) and beep, but doesn’t really do anything else. When I load some GCODE onto a TF card and press the button, it homes the laser then beeps then goes back to the “breathing” light pattern. It doesn’t “preview” the GCODE and it also doesn’t start engraving. When I push the button a second time, it does the same thing: homes then idles.

Following the instructions that came with it, I downloaded a fresh firmware from the download page for the CR-Laser Falcon CV-30 firmware, but this didn’t work either. Loading it onto the TF card resulted in the control panel starting up and looking like it was loading (light on solid, not flashing), then it beeps and restarts, and then beeps three times, over and over and over and over again. Thinking maybe the firmware just took some time to load, I left it in that state while I left the house for an errand. When I returned, it was still doing the same thing: one beep then restart then three beeps.

I’ve tried connecting to it via serial to see what’s going on, but I can’t even connect to it at all. With no serial and no display other than the light/beeps, I’m at a loss as to what I can do to fix this thing, or if it’s just DOA and I should return it.

Even more maddening, Creality doesn’t mention the module I bought on their website at all. I bought it from Amazon. On the control panel, it only says “Falcon”, not “CR Laser Falcon” or anything like that, so I can’t find any information on Creality’s site that’s specific to this module.

tl;dr - My Falcon laser module appears to be DOA but maybe there’s some way to completely reset/reinitialize it?

Thanks for reading and for y’all’s help.

Just my 2 cents worth… I would return it as fast as possible. You shouldn’t have to mess around with something to get it to work.

Solid advice. I figured I’d give their online support a shot (been 20th in queue for… a while now) then if not later this afternoon I’ll return it. I thought maybe the kindly folks here at the Creality forums might have a way to reset it more thoroughly.

Barring that, it’s gonna go back from whence it came soon enough.

Replacement laser came a couple days ago and works great. I guess the other one must’ve had a corrupted firmware or something. Thanks again!

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That’s great to hear… Wow… Try not to have too much fun… :clinking_glasses: