Falcon2 22W. Do I have too much air?

Just got a brand new Falcon2. First thing out of the box, I printed a Material Test out of Lightburn.

I got what I think is a very pleasing result - nice variations between light and dark. I then read the manual about Air Assist where it recommended that I turn the air up to max. It was a fairly low setting, but as there are no markings I don’t know what it was. Since I turned the air to max the engraving is severely reduced. Where previously a certain setting was enough to cut through 3mm basswood, it now doesn’t even get close. I have turned the air down considerably and I’m now getting results similar to the original. What should the air be set at? With no scale on the flow adjuster, how do you set it?

I have just discovered that I can set maximum and minimum air flow in software. $150 sets low airflow, currently 1. $151 sets high air flow, currently 4, and obviously too high. To those who have set their maximum air, what do you recommend? I guess it’s a choice between 2 or 3 :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be using air assist when engraving, only cutting. Air when engraving should be low. Air when cutting should be high. General advice is that the air wheel on the Falcon2 should just be dialed to wide open and then toggle air mode on/off in Lightburn when cutting/engraving. I never touch the air wheel adjustment on the Falcon other than to confirm that it is wide open after moving it.

BTW, you might have a better chance of getting a response to your posts if you put them in the Creality Falcon forum.