Falcon2 22W X axis slippage?

Only been printing for a few days, but I think I may have a slippage problem on the X axis.

When doing some single pass engraving I had an X axis shift of about 5mm in the middle of the engraving.

On a separate occasion, when cutting, I had a 5 mm slip on the X axis. It became apparent when I did a second pass, and the two cuts were slightly offset.

Using Lightburn.

Am I doing something wrong, or am I looking at a warranty claim?

Hi @vk3ohm

Check the forum - messages from about 1 to 1.5 month ago.
We did talk about similar issue.
You’ll find posts with images of the issue which you could possibly relate to.
I can’t give you the exact posts as I don’t have time to dig them out, but there aren’t that many to go through.

Not sure I found the posts you were referring to. There was a thread where a “bump” when you pushed the head back and forth was mentioned. A tightened belt fixed the problem. Not sure if that’s the thread you are referring to ?

Anyway, I have no bump.

I had another symptom though - the cutter just stopped cutting in the middle of a job for no reason.

Both the X jumping, and the job stopping, suggest the problem might be lost data on the input stream. I’ve upgraded to V3.0.5 which fixes some mysterious communications issues, so maybe it’s fixed. Time will tell.

Well, the slippage in that other thread was due to faulty “wheel” on the carriage.
If you still have the issue, you should check the following:

  • belt tension - compare the x & y axis, but don’t over tighten
  • gearwheel on the motors are tight enough to not slip
  • Wheels (3) are inspected to ensure there are not bumps, cracks, debris, …
  • wheels (3) on the carriage are tight enough, but again, not too tight

I haven’t had time to confirm that the version upgrade has fixed the “slippage” problem. Been distracted with many other issues. Will report back if it does fix the problem, but I’m sceptical that such a serious fault could exist until so recently.

My distractions have been:

  1. Making an alignment guide. I got one from somewhere, but it was 2mm out.
  2. Trying to work out how to mount a camera (I don’t think I can). I have the Pro enclosure which restricts me in height.

Yeah. I have one of the Creality enclosure and it also limits the height I can have for the camera.
I plan on making myself one out of wood and slavaging the orange plastic windows from the official enclosure.
We are renovating the basement, and until it’s finished, I don’t have all the place I wish in the garage to start building this - not enough space to handle a full plywood sheet on the table saw. I haven’t figured out how I’ll build it yet, but it should have sufficient place for everything, and be high enough for the camera. I also plan on changing the exaust fan to something that will be a bit more powerfull than the one that came with the enlcosure - I find it to weak.