Falcon2 Pro 40w & air filtration

I finally decided and purchased a Falcon2 Pro 40w engraver. Estimated delivery is a week or two. I can use this in the basement or garage. Using it in the garage is rather inconvenient. No place for it and no place for a computer really. Would prefer the basement but the problem is air extraction. No windows in the basement so I would have to either find a way to get a vent in place or use a smoke/fume filter system. The basement is all poured concrete walls below grade. I MIGHT be able to put a vent thru the rim joist but don’t know how big of a hole can go thru the rim joist. Bit of a dilemma. Do you use any type of smoke/fume filter? How bad can the smoke be?

I got kind of curious myself about that and found this link. I have no idea how well it works and have never used one.

Smoke Filter Example

I found several with a search for air purifier for laser engraver smoke filter

That is a great question.

When cutting/engraving, there will be a lot of particles in the air.
To limit where these can go, I really suggest to start with an enclosure.
There are quite a few models out there you can buy, or you can create on yourself easily - just make sure there is some kind of fan sucking the air out. After all, it’s just a box that will contain your laser and prevent dust and other stuff going on the device, and limit the fumes/smoke/particles going out.

Using a filter will most likely need some maintenance - particles getting suspended in the air will get sucked in the filter. There is quite a lot when cutting, little less when engraving.

I personnaly prefer to blow the air outside the house, but I do understant it’s not always feasible.

I have the “official” Creality enclosure, but I find the 3in duct to not be enough.
I’ll probably re-use the orange plastic windows and build myself a solid enclosure with them.
This is the one I bought:

I’d say it’s better than nothing, but has a couple flaws.

The one that I purchase comes with the enclosure.

Falcon2 Pro 40w

Based on what jimandyen said I’m considering this air system.

Air system

And once I get everything up and running, I’ll still look into possibly venting to the outside if I can.

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