Falcon2 Pro & USB power surge

When I connect the engraver to my Win 10 PC, I get the power surge message on the USB port. This happens with the engraver camera as well. My computer is a Lenovo P330 tower model with USB 3.1 and 2.0 ports. After reseting the ports and rebooting, I tried connecting them with a power USB 2.0 hub. Still getting the power surge message. The USB cables are new. The computer firmware and drivers are up to date. Any ideas?

That is pretty weird, and since you get the same result on multiple computers, it seems to come from the laser device.

What happens if you just go by the SD Card? Are you able to cut/engrave anything at all?

If it does work properly, it seems the laser module itself is fine - it’s the part that makes the connection between the unit and the computer that is faulty.

To try troubleshooting, I’d try to disconnect the cables you have access to and ensure there are no bent pins : check the motors, the laser plug, etc… All the cables you have access to disconnect.

Just make sure to be gentle when reconnecting each cable!

If you can’t find anything wrong with the cables, I’d try to contact the place where you bought it from for some help.

Good luck!

I have not tried the SD card yet. It probably will work OK.

I opened a ticket with Creality but apparently support for Falcon devices is only thru email and they are slow to respond that way.

I also posted on the Lenovo forum about this problem. Once I figure it out I’ll post the solution.

Wondering… looking into what a USB isolator is and if that will do the trick, although shouldn’t have to. Or maybe try a different powered USB hub.

Are you using a cable directly connected from the laser unit to the computer? Or you go through a USB Hub?
I strongly recomment starting with a direct cable - you want to remove as many variables as possible.

I have three USB cables that I tried to connect directly to the PC. One of those came with the engraver. All did the same thing.

After those did not work, I tried all three using the powered USB hub. And still have the problem.

Update on my issue. After 5 new cables and three computers, Creality support (only via email) finally agreed my F2 Pro was faulty. They issued an RMA and FEDEX return label. They received my RMA at the warehouse and sent the replacement but they did not give me a tracking number so I have no idea when it is arriving.

Good to hear!
When all this is over, would you mind telling us how long it took (from the time they agreed on the RMA) to the time you get the new unit?
Also, which country are you from?
Finally - once done, would you mind giving the email address you used to contact them?

I say “once done” as I don’t want this forum to interfere with your requests…