Falcon2 Pro won't power on

I just purchased and set up my new engraver, but it won’t power on at all. I checked all the connections I could find. What could I be missing?

Did you release the emergency stop button by twisting it?

Yes, all the switches have been checked. I saw it light up for sec at one point, but it turned off quick. I haven’t been able to get it to light up again.
Is it defective?

Update, in case another sad soul comes across the same problem.
It’s working, but I might be on borrowed time: last night I unplugged the power block, and disconnected it from it’s plug.
I plugged it in today and bam-whoop-swish, the green light was lit. Turned on just fine. I know this a fluke fix, but sometimes people just need closure
Here’s hoping it doesn’t blink out on me again!

I do have a couple devices that do the same - after a certain time being plugged in, they start to behave weirdly. My docking station for my laptop does that - I need to unplug overnight (or a couple hours) monthly.
I guess it’s a weakness on some capacitor or something the like.
As long as you know the cure, it’s an annoyance, but it’s working.

Good luck - I do hope it was only a single isolated case!