Fan controls under which section?

Hi can someone point me to the fan controls in creality slicer please.
Thanks in advance

Which version? I can find them in 4.8 quite easily, edit>cooling.

In 5 you can edit the individual material on the material pane at the top, there is a tab called Cools, you can adjust fan controls in there (bit of a faff to look for)

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Hi thanks for replying and for the help. I have the version 5. Am used to cura so couldnt find it in usual place! Didnt think to look in material settings. 5 seems buggy. Would 4.8 be better? I will have ender 3 v3 when it arrives today or on the morrow. Have been using sonic pad with s1 pro until now.

I still use 4.8, I know where I am with that.

Thanks i will have a play with 4.8. Number 5 kept freezing on me when i changed parameters. Much obliged for your quick help!