February【Show off your Setup】

Welcome to the February showcase space! Feel free to share your 3D printing studio or showcase your decorated 3D printers with the community by replying to this post.

We’ll select a lucky participant by draw live in the “Zora Livestream” to receive a free prize.

The deadline for submissions is 2/29, 23:59 UTC, and we’ll announce the winners on the third working day of the following month.

Good luck!


2 ender 3 pros with linear rails and direct drives


Nothing compared lol. Just an SE and a modified Neo running klipper


I’ve slowly been building my basement corner printing lab over the past couple of years. I’ve had as many as six Enders and a CR-10 down there, but now I just have an S1, the LD-002r, and the K1. My little slice of maker heaven, complete with exhaust hood vented out the side of the house.


Hello @WOMPStation and Welcome to the Creality Forum…!Creality

Really nice setup there… Quite a variety of printers too… :+1:

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Thanks @jimandyen , I didn’t know about this forum until they mentioned it on the live stream Sunday night. Another tool in the toolbelt of learning this hobby.

very organize


Hello @astroicon…!! :wave:

Welcome to the Creality Forum. Creality

Nice setup…! :+1: :eyes:
Looks like that Ender has been pretty busy…

Yeah it has :sweat_smile: I remember hearing about the Creality forum so I was like sure I’ll join I heard it from the k1c giveaway

Hi all! The winners of “Show off your Setup” will be drawn in the Livestream on March 8th.

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Congratulations to amberhelios for winning the prize (filament) in today’s livestream! Please send an email to chenxiaowei@creality.com to obtain the details for claiming your prize.

Well done!