Ferret Pro - Is it possible to export the raw camera data from the scan app?

Hi there! I’ve been using CReality Scan + ferret with a laptop PC and was comparing results to Agisoft with only a video stream from a camera. CrealityScan, of course, produces the best geometry by far since it has a depth sensor, but the diffuse texturing sometimes doesn’t turn out great: Agisoft’s texture generation from aligned imagery is really good. I was wondering if there was a way to record + export all of the Ferret’s video + alignment data so that I could import it for processing or cleanup in other apps? Sometimes the ferret will undergo alignment drift (where multiple passes of the same part of the object will result in two slightly offset geometries) which could be fixed up with a re-alignment of the frames, if I had access to them.

Is there anyway to extract these datas? Thanks!