Filament change/color change

hello to you all,
i have just setup my K1 Max which i purchased after my cr10 S5 died and its a great machine, could someone please help me with a problem?
a lot of my prints require a color change during printing, would anyone be able to talk me through this process.
in the past i have used Cura and it has a add script tab to do this Creality print has not got this function that i can find.
i have been printing and designing my own things for several years now but i have trouble understanding G-Code.

Hi @Oodna and welcome to the forums.

To do colour changes mid-print you would need to implement the pause command.

In your slicer you would usually set the filament change gcode to PAUSE and this would prompt the printer to pause on the layer you wish and allow you to swap filament, purge and resume.

I would recommend trying out OrcaSlicer, they have a profile built in for the K1 series printers and it also works with the PAUSE command unlike Creality Print.

Hope that helps.