Filament dryer with filament box

Printing machine: Ender 3 S1 pro
Selected materials: PLA+
Print Settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, no supports, default parameters for all other settings.
Time spent printing: about 3.5 hours.
Description: The design consists of printing 2 pieces and using a fan that was no longer 100% but still useful. I used a box of filament from Mexico Makers, this box has 2 holes, one has part 1 which is simply a lid. Part 2 is an adaptation for a 4510 fan. The fan is in a position where it draws air from the case. So when we put the box on top of the bed at 60° with a filament and silica gel, it generates a negative pressure and helps dry the filament.
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Country/Region: Mexico

I also made a tiktok about the ensemble :slight_smile:

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