Filament not sticking to the bed | Ender 3

Hi, 2 days ago I got my Ender 3, I installed the cr touch and after that I tried to print something out, but nothing would stick to the bed. I preheat the bed always to 60 degrees and the Nozzle to 200, I even tried to level the Z Offset while it was printing but nothing works, so if you have any suggestions I would be really thankful.

Been there, here’s what I did" and probably what most replies will say:

Clean the plate thoroughly.

Re calibrate your level and Z HOWEVER manually adjust by using the paper method. My KE is always .05 to high at the very minimum.

Raise your temp to 65°
Raise your nozzle another 10° and incremental there after

Even after about 6 months of constant use I still have 1st layer issues including not sticking. For “important” prints I use JT16 glue stick. It’s like iron. If your prints lift using that and your “zeroed” in on everything else then… well… IDK


What Lensman said. I clean my bed with Isopropanol (Iso propyl alcohol) after each print

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Thank you so much, I tried and it works much better, I also ordered the glue you were talking about so it’s just more.

Dish washing soap for a good clean every 10 or so prints, dry it and continue with isopropyl on every print run, should be good to go on that regime. Like Lensman i will use glue stick also on the important prints just to make sure.

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Glad to hear it’s working! Nothing more frustrating then a printer that won’t work (which I’m experiencing now in spades). Just a not about the JT16 Glue: It’s very strong to the point that sometimes the print won’t want to come off by regular means. If you run into that issue then just remove the plate with the print (stuck) on it and heat the bottom. It should pull right off without any damage to the print. I personally use hot water on the bottom as I have a dedicated hot water dispenser at my sink. Just don’t apply that heat directly to the print (obviously).


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