Filiment completely covered hotend

This is one the 3rd time I have used my printer and it did this. It is still under warranty so I dont want to really do much but it looks almost impossible to get a live person for support.

I turned on the AI to monitor for issues and set it to pause if something happened. Since no one is going to watch their printer for hours I thought this would be best.

I am not new to printing but this is something I have never seen. Could I completely take it apart, yes, but this will void my warranty and it is on the wires as well. I can’t even see the hotend.

Any advise on how to get a live support person would be great.

The nozzle was not properly tightened against the heat break, then it leaks. The new quick change nozzles in the new type of hotend prevent this.
If you got the printer like this and didn’t touch the hotend, maybe complain at the customer service. You can also try to fix it yourself, heat the hotend up, let it sit for a few minutes and very carefully start to peel off the filament. Try to put as little stress as possible on the wires. Once the big chunks are removed, clean it with a paper towel but make sure not to burn your fingers. Then reassemble the hotend properly, there are tutorials on YouTube how to do it. You need to counter the hotend with the wrench that came with the printer so it does not snap off, then apply the right amount of torque while heated up and it should not leak again.

@s3sebastian I was going to try to take it apart and fix myself, but I just got this printer a few weeks ago so I didn’t want to mess with it too much. The hot end came like this also and with the cost of the printer I was a little upset that the AI didn’t stop it from printing further and that it did it at all. I am definitely going to complain but if I don’t get anywhere, I will eventually just fix it myself. If I do go there, I will follow your directions though since this is something I hadn’t run into yet. Thank you!