Firmware big big problems

where can i download the latest firmware for my ender 3 v2 printer with a 4.2.2 motherboard most sites i go to are blocked also what is this dwin that some of the web pages refer to and finally how do you use the firmware and dwin to install it
as in my previous post this all went wrong when i changed my hot end , complete with heater and thermostor as you have probably guessed i am totally ignorant of all this techy stuff so would really appreciate HELP regards bob

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hi Michel580 thank you for your reply im sorry but the trouble seems to be a lot worse than i thought now when i switch on the machine the hot end starts heating up and continues to do so until the thermal cuts out and i have no idea why i have replaced the hot end a complete unit with everything attached and still no success is there anything you can think of that would cause this i am desperate thanks and kind regards bob

Hi I was wondering if you could help me with the software for ender 3 and one of the programs for the auto bed leveling. I have both of those! I got it to work just for three prints the first but not so good next to a excellent. is that something you can do let me know or give me an idea where I need to go you’re awesome thank you.