Firmware for Ender 3 with Sprite and BL Touch

I have an original Ender 3 that has been upgraded as follows:
4.2.7 motherboard
BL Touch
Sprite Extruder Pro

The printer worked fine after I installed the new MB and BL Touch. After installing the new extruder and using the only firmware I could find that claims to support the touch sensor and Sprite extruder bed levelling doesn’t work properly. If I level the bed from the printer interface it goes through the mesh routine, but at the end it returns to the middle of the bed and drives the hot end into the build plate.

I have run the self-test on the BL touch and it always passes, so I don’t think it’s my sensor.

Does anybody have suggestions for where to find a known working firmware file for this configuration? I can’t believe that I’m the only person who has installed a BL touch and Sprite extruder on an original Ender 3.

Hi @Dustin and welcome to the forums.

You should find that the firmware needed for your printer along with the 4.2.7 board, cr touch and sprite extruder is Ender-3Pro_HW4.2.7_SW2.0.9.03_SpritExt_H300 dated: 02 Aug. 2022 which can be found here:

Ender 3 Firmware

Hope that helps.

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Will this work with the E3 Free-runs TMC2209, or do I need different firmware (same setup other than board)?

I was running into the same problem. The firmware title is for the Ender3 “Pro”… not the original Ender3.
I’m Running an original Ender 3 with an upgraded 4.2.7 motherboard sprite direct Drive extruder and the CR Touch.
After installing the 4.2.7 motherboard and installing the Sprite direct drive extruder I finally stumbled upon the following bin file:


So far, it’s the only firmware I’ve flashed onto the motherboard that actually allows the CR Touch to run its bed leveling sequence. Still a major problem with adjusting for the Z offset…