Firmware Glitch in E3 V3 SE?

The issue is that when trying to start a print , it seems to miss the 1st few lines of code , it says its printing but doing nothing other that % completed goes to 100%, then returns to the home spot saying completed .
I have had it print a couple of items , but now will not print at all. Ive flashed software on motherboard and controler several times. It would not do leveling routine most times. I’ve reloaded the slicer with no improvement .
I’m using the recommended software. I dont think its the software i use on my PC’s, i do think there’s a firmware glitch on the SE .

i can tell when its going to happen as the heated bed will switch to 0 deg .

There is no way to answer your question directly, can you take a recording video, especially if the CR-touch auto-leveling probe is normal. Or feedback to the official after-sales.

The CR-touch will flash red twice. Print head does nothing. Print graph on control panel goes to 100% and says complete.

Can someone from Creality at least acknowledge that they have seen my post and are investigating problem?

OK. I’ve narrowed the problem down to a bad CR Touch. How do i obtain a new one?

Problem solved! All caused by bad CR Touch. Replacement on the way.