Firmware update Infinite Loop: Message won't go away even after updated

I have a V3 KE and just updated it to the latest firmware It’s confirmed by the machine however every time I start it up it tells me my current version is not the latest version (which it is) and wants me to revert back to 1.1.09 which is says is the “current version” but it’s older than the one installed. Any thoughts as to how I can stop this. I already did a factory reset which didn’t do anything to that particular message but it did reset everything else. See the photo.

Its likely a glitch that you should just ignore for now, it will likely be patched in the next firmware update.

I found the issue: I had the USB containing the setup files which was included with the printer attached to the unit. It had the older firmware on it. On startup I guess it was reading the USB and thought it was a newer version (which shouldn’t happen at all). When i ejected the USB and started it the notification was gone. Problem solved!

Glad to hear you found the issue and was able to resolve it :slight_smile: