First model stuck to resin vat release film

instead of to the build plate. Had to get the model unstuck, which damaged the release film. So, tried to replace the release film at the bottom of the vat, but lo and behold the replacement film that came with the printer does not seem to be the proper type. The release film built into the printer has holes around the perimeter, to align with the fixing plate. The replacement film has no such holes, but is instead just a solid sheet of plastic so won’t line up to install.

This is the Halot Mage, and so far this has not been a pleasant experience. Went through the leveling process, the model stuck to the wrong surface, and now the replacement part is not correct.

Oh I didn’t know the replacement film doesn’t have holes in it I will check mine. If that really is the case then in the future all replacement film should have pre-cut hose. I will report back