Fitting a Spider Hotend to a Ender 3 NEO!

Hi, I bought a Creality Spider hotend for my Ender Neo, oops apparently its not supposed to fit - well read on.
I followed the instructions and fitted the great looking Red spider hotend, all went as instructed, however after doing an “auto Home” I realized my mistake, the Spider is around 6mm shorter and therefore the fan would hit the bed as the nozzle is too high!
I had a think and then realized if I took a nozzle from my K1 and reduced the nozzle length by 6mm (on a lathe) the height is now correct.
performed a manual and auto bed leveling, z offset etc.
Tried a few prints - not very good, until I increased printing temperature by 10 degrees.
It works great - by the way i did not perform any calibration it works straight from the box…
will try increasing the print speeds next.