Fix Preheat Nozzle to avoid leaking

Filament “leaking” from nozzle during autoleveling so I want to reduce temp and only set preheat nozzle 170C before and under leveling and then set normal Filament temp.

In Prusa I could define Preheat Temperature for Nozzle to 170 degrees(C) to avoid these nozzle “leaking”, but not so easy in Klipper/Creality.
I read on internet that many have problems with this “leaking”.

What codes/text do I have to insert and where to insert it so it not get override or mess up by other instructions?

Creality K1 (newest version)
Software: v4.3.7.6619-win64
Firmware: V1.3.2.20

Hi @Laser and welcome to the forums!

The K1 is designed to heat the nozzle and wipe it along the rear edge of the bed and then cool down to 140 prior to continuing with the bed leveling procedure. I would recommend ensuring your nozzle is clean as it could be remnants of filament around or on the nozzle rather than filament oozing out.

If you printer is not doing the procedure correctly then I would recommend factory resetting the printer and testing the process again.