FlexiDesk Modular Organizer

  • Printing Machine: Cr-10 Smart Pro with Sonic Pad
  • Selected materials: Polymaker Polyterra Mint PLA
  • Print settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, no supports, and default parameters for all other settings.
  • Time spent on printing: Around a day
  • Description: Introducing the FlexiDesk Modular Organizer, the ultimate solution to declutter your workspace with style and versatility. This 3D printable marvel is a symphony of organization, featuring a base with six compartments—two narrow for your delicate items like pendants and clips, and four wide for larger essentials.

The narrow compartments come with a special accessory to cradle your mobile phone, keeping it accessible and in view. The wide compartments are a blank canvas, ready to house your Post-its or any other desk necessities. To enhance this experience, we offer two ingenious accessories: a customizable pot with optional dividers for your writing instruments, and a set of inclined shelves designed to maximize space and accessibility.


  • Six compartments for comprehensive organization
  • Mobile phone holder for easy access
  • Customizable pot with removable dividers for pens and pencils
  • Inclined shelves for additional storage options
  • Modular design for personalized desk setup

Crafted for convenience, the FlexiDesk Modular Organizer can be customized for any needs, easy snap assembly. Simply align the accessories in the base, you can a touch of glue for a permanent connection or snap in for future changes. Choose your favorite colors to print, I choosed pastel green color that gives it a very nice look and fit perfectly on my desk. If the model performs well, I plan to design more accessories to increase its customization. If you have any suggestions, they are welcome.

Transform your desk into a haven of productivity and inspiration with the FlexiDesk Modular Organizer. Happy printing and happy organizing! :hugs: