Flow rate is so low that i must increase to 209%or more to get a good line

I have tried rotational distance,i tried esteps ,I’ve done the almost every thing i can find on utube and still every print comes out with a fine thread for filiment out of hot end until i increase the flow rate to 200+ to get a good line i even have used 350% and after the first layer i decrease to 175 or 200 … But
This can’t be right ???
I need help here guys
I’ve tried everything and upgraded and upgraded and still same bullshit
Yes upgrades
Direct drive sprite 2023 SE
Speedy spider hotend
Silent board
Sonic pad
New tips 0.04
Do what the hell am i missing here ???

Hey @Indaweeds,

Welcome to the Creality Forum.!!

Hope someone here can help with that. I have a K1 Max but just some suggestions…
Nozzle temp…?
Have you tried manually pushing the filament through to see what it looks normal…?

Did you ever get that extruder to work right…?

I would also recommend running through the Creality calibration process to ensure everything is configured correctly. Specifically the flow rate section of the guide…

Creality Print Calibration Tutorial

Maybe you should try calibrating your E-Steps. There’s plenty of tutorials online. here’s one. https://all3dp.com/2/what-is-e-step-calibration-simply-explained/