GCode thumbnails

I have a S1 Pro with latest firmware installed and was wondering how to get gcode thumbnails working? I’m using Prusaslicer and in the Printer settings, G-Code thumbnails it shows where I can put the information 32x32, 400x300 but it also shows a lock beside the box and when I click on the lock it says it’s lock to the system default which I don’t know how to change. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @plouie10

Usually you can just enter the value into the box and the lock icon will turn orange indicating that you have entered a custom value. If the padlocks are white it basically means the setting has not been changed from the default value. Editing the value should make it turn orange :slight_smile:

For example here is what mine looks like once edited with values…
Screenshot 2023-12-14 175524

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks that’s great. It did change when I entered a value (duh)
Unfortunately I still can’t get it to show thumbnail.
Maybe it’s a sizing issue? I noticed you have different sizes in your field

You’re welcome, sorry to hear they still aren’t displaying.

My settings are specifically for the K1 so you may find that you need to use a smaller or different size for the S1 Pro. Common values are 32x32, 64x64, 180x180, 300x300 and on some displays 230x180.

Hopefully you can find a size that works for your printer.