Glass bed for the K1 max

Has anyone got a glass bed to. Work with the K1 max? Did you have auto bed leveling issues.

Some online say you need to belt skip the lead screws to account for the extra bed thickness. Where others say with the auto bed leveling it’s fine. It just works.

Anyone got experience on this?

What should skipping the belt do? The printer has a open loop control for the positions of the axis, it does not even notice you skipped the belt. Only when you try to manually level the bed you have to skip leads screws to get the position right but for a general offset for an extra glass bed it does nothing.
Why do you want to install a glass? Is the bed tilted or also not flat enough? You can do the manual leveling if it’s tilted.

Hey thanks for the reply.

Skipping the belt allows the bed to be lower than the software thinks.

Also I want the option to run both the PEI sheet as well as glass. The glass gives an amazing finish on the bottom which I need for prototype units that end up internationally.

My question was more about getting info on the level mechanism etc.

No, it does not. If you turn off the printer and turn it on again, the firmware has no idea where the bed is and has to find out with the leveling sensor anyway. You can also manually turn the lead screws or move the toolhead around, the first thing the printer has to do is homing and this is how it determines the position. It can not remember the position since it’s an open loop controlled system.

Hey mate, I understand what your saying with the open control loops. What I was sceptical about the lidar scan system and way thinking it would double check the bed heights as it can be done with a lidar array.

I’ll try a glass bed on the weekend