Goblin Cuva Edition :D!

Model and stls can be found here on Creality Cloud

Any filament should work
layerheight i reccomend 0.1 or 0.15 on original scale, alternativly use adaptive layer height to avoid stepping effect on top curves


Description: Made a cuva edition from my cute goblin
Country/Region: Norway
The mode is original and one of my own designs

Hello @Criskb …! :wave:

Welcome to the Creality Forum…! Creality

That looks really smooth. What printer are you using…?

Hi ! @jimandyen
The image is just a 3D render but i know all parts should fit nicely, im awaiting some filament before ill print it. im out of the specific colors i want.
I own and use a k1, and 2 other diy machines