Guess the K2 Plus x CFS price, take home a FREE Multicolor Combo!πŸ–¨οΈπŸŒˆ

Guess the K2 Plus x CFS price, take home a FREE Multicolor Combo!:printer::rainbow:

Comment below. Only the first closest guess wins.:dart:

*Creality reserves the final interpretation


I’m guessing US$1199 for the K2cfs Combo

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I’m curious to see who will guess correctly or come the closest and win the free K2 Plus. :thinking:

The game isn’t over yet!

Are our forum friends not interested in the multi-color K2 Plus?

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$1400 for combo

$1299.99 USD

I would guess the price will be $1499.00 US dollars.

I also think $1299 US


$999.00 for the combo

I’m guessing
(Printer)$999.99 USD -(Combo) $1399.99 USD

After sales tax and standard shipping $1548.48 USD

I Guess 1.448,73$

My guess is $1299 USD.

1799 for the K2 and 349 for the CFS?

I’m going to say the intro price will be $1099.00 USD for the K2+ and $399.00USD for the CFS.
Basically the set for ~$1500USD at introduction.
I’m also thinking they’ll both go up an extra $200 for the K2+ and another $100 for the CFS after the promo period.
We’ll see.

899 printer and 199 CFS, (or 999 combo) because now all companies will sell ams like solutions, need aggressive price against bambu lab

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Well I’m going to guess $899 USD for the K2 plus CFS as a package

K2 plus $1099. With color add on $1299

Let’ go with $1099…

I guess $1049

1,399.99 That would be my guess. I would love to see it lower though.