Halot Mage 8k - USB disconnects

Hi All,

first time 3d printer here so be gentle!

have setup my new HM 8K printer, done the levelling and ensured a good internal temp for the resin.

trying to do a my first print, using a simple test print model. sliced up in the creality software and copied to the USB stick provided with the printer.

connected the usb and powered the printer back on, select the model, and i get an error that the usb has been disconencted… remove and reseat the usb, press continue, and it sits there doing nothing for an hour before I got fed up.

have now tried multiple USB drives, all give the exact same error. updated the printer firmware just in case, this completed without any usb disconnection messages, so clearly not an issue with the usb drive. and still back into the same loop problem.

so far, unimpress with the creality resin printer.

I think I might have cracked it. The save file from the halot Mage software seems to be the culprit. Using a file export from chitubox seems to progress without the usb disconnect message.

Going to export a resin test model using chitubox and fingers crossed problem solved. As to why the manufacturers own software is causing the problem baffles me!

Yep, problem solved. Don’t use Creality’s Halot Mage software for the final export. Amazing