Hard to remove support

Can anyone shed light on why the Halot Mage (non pro) keeps printing hard to remove supports?
The problem is that I have the same settings for my Saturn 2 and the Mage and the supports pull off very easy on the Saturn, regardless of the thickness, but on the Mage, if I print with light, I’m left with just the supports as it will not hold the model and when I use medium, I need a knife to take them off. Purchased this printer off my son because he couldn’t get into printing like me. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Mark,

I hope you’re doing well. let me chime in a bit, as I’ve got a few in my collection – some 4k, some 8k, you name it.

So, you know how different manufacturers do things differently, right? Take Creality, for example. They’ve got light implementation is called the integral light source. Basically, they use one powerful UV light that bounces off a mirror to spread the light evenly.

Now, onto the Mage series – those bad boys have some serious light power, especially with that ACF film onboard. It’s like they’re on a printing spree!

Now, about your question – it’s likely that your Saturn’s settings won’t sync up with the Mage. But hey, that’s normal. Each printer dances to its own tune, you know?

From what you’re saying, it sounds like your support exposure time might be a tad too long, leading to those beefy support tips.

Oh, and don’t forget about the support tip thickness. I usually go for 0.3mm, but a lot of slicers default to 0.5mm, which can be a bit chunkier.

I hope this helps clear things up for you. Let me know if you need anything else!