Help printing small fonts-Printing small fonts does not come out as clear as the 3D drawings


3D newbie here,

Printer is a Creality Ender 3D pro using .04 excruder nozzle. Slicer is Ultimaker Cura. I’m using Tinkercad to create the models

I’m attempting to make medallions/coins that have raised lettering on them. The medallions are 1.75" wide and 1/8" thick.

My problem is the 3D models look great but when I print them out the lettering is too close and squished together. I’ve tried different text heights and different fonts but nothing really helps. I’ve come here to Reddit to try and find some people a lot smarter than me to help me overcome this problem. I’m not whiz kid when it comes to tweaking the printer settings in Cura but I AM willing to learn!

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/suggestions you folks here might be able to provide

Hi @Tony_A and welcome to the forums.

It sounds like your printer may be slightly over extruding causing the lettering to squish together slightly.

I would recommend running through some calibration steps to make sure the printer is correctly extruding the right amount of material.

Here is a link to the calibration tutorial from Creality…
Creality Print Calibration Tutorial

Thank you so much Nikoli. I’ve found that there’s so much to learn about 3D modeling and printing. I’ll check out the calibration tutorial right now and thanks again for taking to time to help

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You are very welcome @Tony_A :slight_smile:

3D printing is a lot of fun and has some curve balls to overcome along the way but I like to see them as opportunities to learn more rather than annoyances :smiley:

When it comes to a stock 3D printer they will print most things out of the box but when it comes to intricate details like tiny lettering they do tend to need a little tuning, most of the time its simply a case of tuning the flow ratio so that line widths and layers are being printed at the correct thicknesses :slight_smile: