Help with root access on K1 max

I just updated to the new firmware on a K1 Max. I previously had the machine rooted and had fluid running on it. I did not do a factory reset prior to updating. I did one after. I then attempt to re-enable root access wait the 30 seconds so I can add everything back, but its like it doesn’t take. When I try to SSH into the printer, Mobaextern says no root found. Without being able to ssh into root, I am unable to reload older firmware or try to reload this new version. Is there anyway to force it to reload the firmware without ssh into the printer? Any way to force root access?

I was able to get in using putty instead of MobaXtern.

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PuTTY has been my go to for other things. Never used it for my printer though… :thinking:

Glad you were able to get it back to the way it was. :+1:

Hi. I got the same problem but I did reset my firmware proir updating to Everything works fine exepet I cannot SSH into the machine after the updaten even if I allowed rooting in the setup menue and got root name and password. It seems this update is blocking root access. Any idea how to proceed?

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