Here is a great multicolor solution for Creality 3D Printer!

Here is a great multicolor solution for Creality 3D Printer.
Co Print ChromaSet: All-in-One Solution for Every 3D Printer

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What the last person probably noticed too.

I’ll tell you what I pay attention to: price, quality of the guideways, accessibility of the print head, fragility of the external turning (although I tend towards an open housing, Corexy printer with retrofit option), speed of dismantling the external walls (for maintenance), TPU processing. Printhead price, and by the way because of ChomaPAD, the pre-installed printhead is no longer in any case needed. So why should I spend more money on one that comes with the printer if i like to get ChromaPAD? (if I go on Chroma PAD at all, because many are coming up with solutions on this now). Likewise, the print head is usually the most labor-intensive work - so how quickly can I replace it on a printer and getting a new one from somewere… Power supplies, bearings, mainboards, defective boards - not an issue with an old Creality and quickly replaced.

So I own 4 Creaitys and I really like them. The reason why I don’t go along with the new models of Creality, when I buy a Creality it is because I can see all the spare parts from a lot of dealers all over the Internet (Actual I do not even see this on the Criality website it self and the dealers do not do it anymore - so you need to by fix this by yourself)…

And by the way 300 x 300 is no longer XL and partial bed heating is missing all over by all the big players in the low price segment on the current XL models 350 x 350 plus. And with Creatlity you still pay more, but you will no longer have the availability of spare parts as before… Sorry for this statement, but I really like you and that’s exactly why I have to say it.

With ChromaPAD XL becomes very important due to the additional space required for nozzle rinsing, color changes per layer. So the question is not what ChromaPAD does, it’s more the question of what you do… I like Crialty, you have a bonus with me because you also look after the old printers for a long time. I don’t quite see that with the new models… just make sure that every single spare part appears, for example, on Aliexpress or somewere…