Horizontal expansion

Hello, I’m a longtime cura user and I’m trying to print some gears on my k1 using creality slicer. The gears are printing stuck together so I’m trying to use horizontal expansion settings to open up the tolerances. The problem I’m seeing is that no matter what values I put into horizontal expansion, The print is coming out the same. Is there some other setting thats preventing horizontal expansion from working?

Hello @joshua_O

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How are you printing them so they are stuck together…?

Picture maybe so someone can get a better idea for suggestions…

I’m trying to print the planetary gears on this model → The Ultimate Propeller Launcher w/ 64x Gearbox by NikoKun - Thingiverse

If I was using cura, the horizontal expansion setting will put a larger gap between the gears, but in creality slicer, it’s not doing that.

I would recommend trying Creality Print instead of Creality Slicer as the Creality Print software was designed to be used with the K1 series printers.

You could also try using Orcaslicer as it has profiles for the K1 series and tends to be a more powerful and feature rich slicer.

Creality Print latest version V4.3.8.6984 isn’t working either. It doesn’t seem to be completely ignored - the horizontal value entered appears in the gcode, but it only seems to make a 3rd or 4th decimal place difference to x- an y- coordinates and feedrate, and no discernible difference to the print.