Hot End Replacement - CR10-Smart

I am looking to replace my HOT END on my CR-10 Smart can anyone recommend one? I was looking at the SPIDER ALL METAL HOTEND but not sure as to which one I need.


I am a fan of Micro Swiss products, solid CNC machined parts, I know they do something for the CR-10 but not sure about the Smart. What is wrong with the Creality Spider All Metal Hotend?

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No no I am interested in the SPIDER hot end just not sure which one is compatible with the CR-10 Sā€¦

like one of these? It says CR-10 series, which I presume includes all CR-10 models.

Hi, i switch to the Hotend from Mirco Swissv (all metal Hotend)
you need a littel print to Part conect the Fan back to the Hotend.

Regards Bastian