Hotend not seating

All kinds of hotend problems. I have only had a 3D printer for 2 months, so it is most likely user error.

I had to replace the original hotend because the temperature sensor broke (or the wire more likely). That one worked for a while until I replaced the nozzle due to a clog. After that I noticed a lot of filament globs on the bed and increased burning smell in the room. When I took the cover off the printhead I noticed burned filament oozing out the top of the hotend as if it came loose and created a gap for the melted filament to escape. The hotend is scorched and needs replacment.

Now I can’t get the 3rd hotend to seat all the way in the printhead. Is this due to filament stuck in the printhead? If so, what can I do about it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Make sure you do it this way with the nozzle heat on. The K1 / K1 Max are the same type of hot end install procedure.

Hot End Replacement K1 / K1 Max