How can buy in creality store from South America?

Few week ago, I won 1kg resin in a live stream, after a week, the creality amazon team discover that amazon do not deliver Resin to Argentina (were I am).
The creality team, took this an offer me to change the price by a HP filament from mexico store. But up to now the result is the same.

I’ve triead to buy thigs in creality store, but They do not have a store where I can buy. A week before I saw comments from a brazilian guy that has the same issue in the live stream.

It would be feasible to have a store for the rest of the word?
I would love to buy and have access to the creality discounts directly from the creality store and not tu use pages as or somthig like that.

What do you think about?


Hi there. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We appreciate your support. We are actively working on expanding our Creality store to reach more locations, and your feedback is valuable.

Stay tuned for updates, and we hope to provide you with direct access to Creality discounts from our official store soon.