How can I use the WiFi connection on my K1?

Hello all, new K1 user here, although that’s my 4th printer. Except in one case, when the printer did run amok and ploughed through the PEI plate, it performs well, and produces the best output I’ve seen in all these years.
Anyhow, it’s another thing for which I need help. I saw an article in a magazine, where the author said that he could attach his printer to his WiFi network., and can use a lot more functions. Naturally, I had to check that out, and although the printer is in a basement room, the connection works. But now I’m at a loss what I can do now. Certainly I should need some software on the computer (which is also in the network), but I could not find out what this would be.
I hope someone here will put me out of my misery…

Kind regards

Hello @Vboss and Welcome to the Creality Forum. Creality

I run the K1 /K1 Max from Creality Print on my Desktop with a wireless connection.
Download and learn about this software and slicer here :arrow_heading_down:

Creality Print
There are a lot of tutorials online for Creality Print. Pretty easy to use. Once you get up the learning curve there are other slicers you might want to look at but involve more settings and profile learning…
Have fun… :+1:

Is that what you are asking…?

No, not exactly. I use Creality Print. The print-quick-start link in your link above is dead.
But anyway… what I want to know is HOW I can use the wireless connection. You write that you can run the printer, but don’t say how. Do you mean that you can make a remote start of a print? Can you see anything on your desktop when you “run the printer”?
Oh well, how difficult is that for me to explain…sorry
Kind regards

Have you been able to connect your K1 to Creality Print…?

OK, yes, in the meantime I found out how to do that. Blame it to my bad eyesight, I have difficulties to see these gray fonts on black. However, the connection works now and I could send a .stl downstairs. But the print I had to start manually on the printer. Maybe I will also Ind out how the start procedure works.

Many thanks anyway,

Once you can send the gcode file to the printer press “details” to go to the printer control screen:

You should see the gcode file you sent. Click on it for the menu options to start printing.

You can do this without having to go downstairs. :smiley:

I like to watch how the first layer is going down.