How to change print settings in an existing gcode file

Hi Dear All…
I would be a very happy person if someone can tell me if / how it is possible to change the print settings in a gcode file.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Othelo and welcome to the forums.

Usually you would not edit a gcode file you would instead re-slice the file with the parameters you require.

If you do wish to edit a gcode file you can do so via a text editor. I would however recommend re-slicing the file as any errors made editing the gcode could result in failure or damage to the printer. Also bear in mind that not all gcode files will work with all printers as they can often be sliced with parameters that may not be compatible with your printer.

first of all thanx for your prompt reply.

I find it useful to edit a gcode file because I printed the cat ( Idon’t have the .stl) which was delivered by Creality together with the printer (Ender-3 S1 Pro).
Perfect result!!!
Now I tried to print it with an other PLA filament (not from Creality). But no way.
As it seems the difference between the various brands material is crucial regarding the result of the printout. Right?
So another question is what kind of PLA filament exactly is the one that comes together with the printer? (a white one it is)

Rather than edit the gcode file you would be better off grabbing the sample file online and re-slicing it with your preferred parameters. Editing gcode files is never going to be an efficient way of modifying the print.

The PLA that comes with the printer is likely Creality’s Ender Series Filament.