How to make the plate to go home? (Back to the bottom)

K1MAX- My plate is trapped in the up position. I was printing and the product moved, this caused the filament to load up and destroy the printer head. It set a code. I cannot get the plate to drop. Any idea how to send the plate to its home position? Then I can focus on the melted mess

Hello :wave: @Rebel11111 and Welcome to the Creality Forum…!!!Creality

Can you press the home key on the printer screen…?

Or just reboot the machine…?

Truth be told. I am a new knuckle head at 3D printing. This is my first one. I only just found and downloaded the user manual. But have not had time to read it.

I did not know what you proposed was an option. I am traveling for work now. But will try it when I get home.

THANK YOU for the picture too. That’s a big help to me. This is what I am dealing with.

A few questions & suggestions… :grinning:

Is the machine new…?
Were you printing something without a build plate on the machine…??

Don’t try to print anything else until you tighten up the 2 screws under the hotend. They most likely were loose enough to let the melted goop leak out all over the place… :cry:

Watch YouTube tutorials on the machine.

Information on Creality Wiki

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