How to pause when printing K1

It is necessary to stop printing on a certain layer in order to put the nut inside the model.
I didn’t find the pause function in Creality Print.
Pausing through Cure has no effect.

Tell me how to pause.

In Creality Print there is a button near the top of the screen to pause.

If you have a K1 or a K1 Max you can also pause using the screen.

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Stopping “manually” is inconvenient.
There is a special function in CURE.
For MARILYN, you can put a function in GCODE.
It is logical that there should be a PAUSE functionality for K1.

And so you can turn off the power))) after switching on, the printer will continue printing further)))

colleagues, does no one really have a solution to the “PAUSE” problem?

So what you are wanting to do is edit the gcode with a gcode editor so the printer stops automatically at a certain point?

I'd like to know also. I'm not at that level yet. Sorry.