How to pause when printing K1

It is necessary to stop printing on a certain layer in order to put the nut inside the model.
I didn’t find the pause function in Creality Print.
Pausing through Cure has no effect.

Tell me how to pause.

In Creality Print there is a button near the top of the screen to pause.

If you have a K1 or a K1 Max you can also pause using the screen.

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Stopping “manually” is inconvenient.
There is a special function in CURE.
For MARILYN, you can put a function in GCODE.
It is logical that there should be a PAUSE functionality for K1.

And so you can turn off the power))) after switching on, the printer will continue printing further)))

colleagues, does no one really have a solution to the “PAUSE” problem?

So what you are wanting to do is edit the gcode with a gcode editor so the printer stops automatically at a certain point?

I'd like to know also. I'm not at that level yet. Sorry.


There are several ways to do that, if you have rooted your printer. If not, you can save your GCODE file, and edit it before send to printer. Just open it in a text editor, find the layer number and insert a line with the word “PAUSE”.

Simply edit your Gcode with a PAUSE command at the layer you want.
It works!

I had a great deal of learning to have the print job auto pause at a certain layer. I posted my journey on the 3d printing forum. Read the following link.