How to permanently delete default gcode files

When I delete the gcode files (default ones supplied with printer) like Benchy from the printer, they all come back after a power cycle. I can delete the ones I upload and they stay gone, just the original ones keep coming back. Any way to stop them from coming back?

Hello @grayzone ,

Welcome to the Creality Forum. Glad to have you onboard… :+1:

I’m guessing those files are part of the firmware and are permanent. :thinking:

I’m not sure how to delete them but just curious as to why you want to delete them…?

Well for one they take up space, I never plan to print them. So would like to use the space for other prints.

It will take some time, but it must be in one of the start up files, should be able to comment it out.

I understand… :+1:

Let us know if you are able to do that. Someone else might be wondering the same thing… . Thanks… :thinking: